Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stylists on The Come Up: Cosmetology Student Olympics

Hey Everyone,

Tonight was very exciting I went to my first hair show and saw some very talented artists. It really was art what these young women and even a few young men created. The Metro Cosmetology Association holds a Student Olympics every year. Judging students on their work in fantasy hair styles, evening hair styles, and hair coloring. Each student has 45 minutes to complete their work. As much, as creativity was looked for in these hairstyles it was clear that execution(neatness) of the hairstyle was what made a winning style. Some of the creations that I saw were

This photo above of this finger wave style was my favorite. The stylist only received Honorable mention though. As you can see there was an abundance of talent in the room. My Cosmetology school that I attend racked up the most awards than any other school yay! We are home to many winners. Some of the winners included this style above, the heart shaped bun, and the tall blue and black tower. Shows like this are great because it helps the students gain confidence and exposure. I also got an insider scoop story from one of the girls. The stylist who created the heart shape bun had another style in mind actually with like a 3d heart on top of the head (it was cute she showed me a photo) but, because of how nasty girls can be when it comes to competition another girl stole the piece she needed to create her stlye leaving her to have to create a whole new hairstyle last minute. That to me is true talent at your craft when you are able to improvise last minute and still succeed (she placed 2nd). Jesus had her back! Who knows maybe she wouldn't have won if she did the other style. It goes to show though, cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

God Bless

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