Friday, January 16, 2009

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!


Its my first blog entry and today's topic is moisturizing. So while chatting it up with some friends I recently found out a large number of women do not moisturize their hair which shocks me because moisturizing is key to hair growth. It’s pretty simple if your hair is dry you need to moisturize it, if you don’t it will break off leaving you sad:(. It seems that today we have all became to busy to stop and give our hair a drink. We go to the Dominican salons and get our fresh blow outs (which dry out our hair) and forget to moisturize after. This is a shame. Let’s add this to the list of our New Years resolutions. It’s not too late its still January. If you need a new moisturizer, I personally recommend Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. Just rub a little into the palms of your hand and massage through hair and scalp. Oh yeah, and for you ladies who don’t moisturize in fear of looking like a grease-monkey this will give you beautiful shine without that heavy, oily, feeling. Give it a shot!

Jane Carter Nourish & Shine (4oz) $22.00



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